Oakland Rope Collective

Oakland Rope Collective is a community that is dedicated to exploring traditionally inspired Japanese Rope Bondage. Oakland Rope Collective truly believes in promoting a values-based rope practice. It aims to help rope artists, practitioners, and enthusiasts to become better partners, better friends and better persons. The collective’s core values are Equity, Accountability, Accessibility, Inclusion, Compassion, and Comprehensive Curriculum.

Oakland Rope Collective wants to create a space where people can meet as equals. Most importantly, people must take responsibility for their behaviour and be aware of the impact of their choices. The collective also aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where every individual becomes empowered. Here, people learns to create situations in which everyone feels seen, heard and cared for. Oakland Rope Community is also accessible. Their educational program allows the participation of any individual, regardless of whether they can afford it or not.

Oakland Rope Collective also believes that rope education goes further than just learning to tie patterns and knots. Their teaching includes and explores the cultural context, history, emotional dynamics, critical thinking, anatomy and physiology involved in this practice. They want to state that rope bondage is a medium of intimacy, trust, aesthetic expression and deep connection.

They impart classes and workshops as well as organize events and play nights for all the community who enjoy Rope Bondage. Traditional Japanese techniques are the basis for all classes and workshops. The teachers include some of the great Shibari masters, such as Naka Akira, Riccardo Wildties, Nawashi Kanna, Kinoko Hajime, Nicolas Yoroi and other, combined with some modifications and adaptations for each student, depending on their desire, body type, or experience preference.

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