Studio 58

Studio 58 organizes special events and adult education for people who are into BDSM, Shibari, and Kink. Its aim is to help anyone interested in expressing themselves and exploring their sexuality or relationships. Moreover, it offers a safe, judgment-free environment. Service area includes Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Studio 58 events and workshops focus on their 5 pillars which are inclusion and diversity, consent and negotiation, safe and interactive play, quality education and self-development, building community with like-minded adults. It is a welcoming and safe place to experience and enjoy your sexuality freely. Since discrimination is unacceptable, it provides a judgment-free experience to All sexual orientations. Actually, they appreciate diversity in gender, identity, race, cultural background, socioeconomic status or disabilities.

Studio 58 has more than 10 years of solid experience creating and hosting parties, classes, workshops and conferences. Every activity aims to help adults learn more about themselves, their relationships and their interactions with others. The studio provides playful and empowering adventures for adults, while the events encourage personal growth for consenting adults.

Studio 58 organizes monthly parties for all curious, sex-positive adults. They take place in a professional venue. During December they also host the Nauthgy Noel Event, which is perfect for all BSMers, kinksters and the fetish community to learn, practice, experience, gather and meet new people while celebrating the winter holidays, for a full weekend. They also organize the Naught Gras Weekend that will be taking place in March 2022, celebrating the Festive Mardi Gras wonderland filled with like-minded adults during a weekend. Then, around October, they also have the Naughty in Nature Weekend, which is a fun relaxed all-inclusive weekend for adults at a private campground, with meals, and fun activities to celebrate Fall.

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