Hajime Kinoko and Zak Shibuya installation

Hajime Kinoko and Zak Shibuya installation

“Samsara” is a project which combines performance, cryptocurrency, and NFT. It includes a Hajime Kinoko and Zak Shibuya installation. Samsara is a unique opportunity for art collectors and investors to own exceptional artwork inspired in Japanese art.

Hajime Kinoko, one of the world’s most prominent “shibari artist” will collaborate with Zak Shibuya of Reality Production Management (RPM). Together, they will create a massive rope art installation rendered in 3D. You can see this masterpiece on May 22nd, 2021, at 9:30 PST.

Zak Sibuya has lived in Japan for more than a decade and currently resides in Tokyo. He believes that our artistic dreams are the ultimate expression of existence. Hajime Kinoko has more than 20 years of experience in Shibari. His speciality is large scale rope art installations.

This art will be available on the launch site: https://rpm.studio/kinoko. The installation is in AR so Hajime Kinoko’s fans who can’t go to Japan, can view it wherever they want. Moreover, he is happy to do this in the middle of the global pandemic which is affecting everyone.
Hajime Kinoko is an artist that pushes the boundaries of Shibari to international recognition with the human body as a medium and the rope as his brush, where he excesses his exclusive style of performance art.

He is famous around the world thanks to his performance, exhibitions and workshops, as well as his work with musicians such as Koda Kumi. Kinoko and Zak will host the drop live @rpm.tokyo on Instagram on May 22, at 9:30 am PST. The live session will include a live Shibari performance with a first look at the NFT, and a related event in which royalties will be donated to a charity in Tokyo.

Now you have the information about the Hajime Kinoko and Zak Shibuya installation in Samsara.

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