Nicolas Yoroi

Nicolas Yoroi

Nicolas Yoroi is a Belgian Performer, Rope Artist, Educator, Rigger and Photographer. His fans call him “the Belgian man with beards”. Likewise, they consider him an expert teacher for his ability to explain. He defines his way of tying as emotional exchange, mobility, connection and creativity, combined with improvisation. Moreover, it includes the ability to read the moment and follow the feelings while he ties a model.

Nicolas Yoroi has lived in Tokyo for 4 years. There, he had the opportunity to follow the teachings of one of Japans leading masters: Arisue Go. This encounter inspired him to learn more about Kinbaku and Shibari. Therefore, Nicolas had many more encounters with great masters and riggers in the art of Kinbaku. He extended his knowledge and techniques and made rope part of his life. Yoroir passion for rope began in 1998, and in 2008, ropes became part of his daily life. Since 2008, he has been practising, learning, and exploring rope daily.

In 2011, Nicolas Yoroi began his path as a teacher in Rope Bondage, Shibari and Kinbaku. Aikido, which he has practised since 1997, became his main influence for life and for Kinbaku, in which work, perseverance, practice, harmony, centre and posture are the main focus of his practice.

After hours and hours of training both Kinbaku and Aikido, gave him the profound influence and passion in these arts, which he enjoys sharing with others. Nicolas Yoroi believes Shibari combined with Aikido, allows you to understand better the Japanese culture and its philosophy.

Nicolas Yoroi has tried to develop a harmonious practice of Kinbaku, which emphasizes the human and the obvious. Where movement, setting in motion, posture, exposing your emotions, aesthetics and organizational construction, and research are the main tools for building a path in Kinbaku or other bondage practice.

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