Glü Wür

Glü Wür

Glü War is a Chilean artist, performer, and teacher in Shibari & Self Tying mixed with Circus and Dance. She currently lives in Barcelona. She is a multi-skilled, creative woman who has always been studying different arts. For example, she knows about theatre, oil painting, sculpture, jewelry design, gemmology, aerial yoga, acrobatic performance, and Shibari. Glü Wür found her passion in arts, and combined it with Shibari. Her goal is to share her feelings and experiences with bondage enthusiasts.

She discovered Shibari and started to create bonds with people through rope and art. Actually, it all began in 2013, when she entered the Shibari ropes community of Barcelona. First, she was a model. Then, she tackled self-suspension. Finally, she had the idea to combine circus with Shibari to create her own style. She has performed in London, New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Toulouse, Santiago de Chile and Spain.

Glü War develops creativity to evoke feeling, with the use of imagination, technique, and experience as a philosophy of life, which inspiration comes from art and nature. She has been motivated to represent, and learn from the techniques that have been developed throughout human history, which have become the human legacy for thousands of years and should not be forgotten, where her idea is to rescue the techniques, evolve them and make them attractive for this modern times.

Glü Wür work shows the result of her extended and creative research, which covers diverse fields of Art, Gemology, Jewelry, Circus, and Bondage Performances. She imparts different Shibari Workshops, for groups or individuals, Self Tying suspension, Shibari for women Riggers or Couples and Creative and Collective Ropes. Glü Wür loves to explore the relationship between the limits of the body and the possibilities of her mind.

Image: Glü Wür / Naudal

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