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A Tie is a Strong Hug

A tie is a strong hug: it is an erotic conduction between two people. But why is immobilizing or restricting movement erotic? To begin with, for the tied person, the effect is partly physical. Think of the pressure of the ropes on sensitive points and erogenous zones: a soft or rough friction that depends on…
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Precipice Malum is a Co-Founder and instructor at Studio Kink in Sydney. Precipice is a rigger, with extensive experience in teaching, and regularly working to upgrade his abilities. He has developed a clean, methodical style, which focuses on a dynamic suspension. It also combines subtle mental techniques with his rope to capture both body and…
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Shibari at The RestelliArtco Gallery

Shibari at the RestelliaArtco Gallery: this art will make a statement through the exhibition of the photographic project by Umberto Stefanelli, Photogeisha. From 26 to 31 October, among the events hosted within the RestelliArtco Gallery, and the occasion of the Rome Art Week, the photographic exhibition Photogeisha, by Umberto Stefanelli, will display. It is entirely…
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