Omi Kazuhiro

Omi Kazuhiro is a graduate from the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan. He is a great artist who follows the idea and passion of great rope bondage senseis. Some of these are Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Seiu Ito, Suma Toshiyuki, Muku Yoji, and Osuma Kaname.

Omi Kazuhiro: a Bit of Context

Omi is a commercial illustrator that began to show interest in rope bondage. For this reason, he started to learn and draw at Hajime Ichinawaki in 2015. After spending some time there, he began to tie his own models and taking pictures to replicate later as drawings. This artist like fetishism, so he illustrated female genitals for several years, even though in Japan the sexual scene is tough. He had a better chance to get his work around given that they are illustrations rather than pictures or videos.

Erotism and the Female Body

His idea is to capture the image as it is, without hiding any areas. He aims at making it a specific focus on his art, in particular regarding the erotism of kinbaku (rope bondage). His fixation to the female body and genitals may be a taboo. However, this approach might be easier for the viewer to accept. The reason is that Omi presents the female body and its genitals in drawing and not in a photographic fashion. In other words, the artist is procuring a distance between the audience and his object of representation.

Omi is not keen on modifying the reality and truth behind his drawings. In his mind, he is telling a story as it is. Doing it otherwise would mean to breaking his own law. He wants to show life and the beautiful and powerful aspects of the female body. This artist does not do this for money or fame: he wants the world to be honest and true.

Omi Kazuhiro

Nudity is everywhere in our lives. Omi sees the paradox: there is a continuing erotic blast that is constantly displayed around the world, while at the same time we ignore the fact that it surrounds us. In this artist’s philosophy, we are not true to who we are and how we look. In conclusion, Omi wants the viewer to accept nude and erotic expression without feeling any guilt or remorse about it.

Image Ōmi Kazuhiro