Angela Nawa

Angela Nawa is a multidisciplinary artist, singer-composer, pet, educator and Shibari rigger whose formation took place in Barcelona Shibari Dojo. Angela Nawa teaches Shibari in two different ways. One, as the artistic aspect of Shibari, its performative and visual value, perfect for photography and practiced as a plastic art. The other, in which she focuses is in the communication, feelings and emotions that people share during a scene.

Angela Nawa believes that communication should be the main focus of a scene. In this way, the scene will transmit a very aesthetic and beautiful feeling. It will become a piece of art where everything flows smoothly. Moreover, partners share a great connection which is perfect for photographs and performances. Angela Nawa follows the Muganawa concept, which comes from the most traditional Shibari. She also had classical training in Barcelona Shibari Dojo, where she was the first one in her class. Angela also attended several workshops and Shibari festivals where she learned from different teachers. She combined all her knowledge and added her own vision in order to create her personal approach. Creativity and passion are the fundamentas of her own Shibari style, without forgetting the main techniques and teachings of Shibari.

Angela Nawa believes that Shibari spreads magic among the practitioners. Also, she believes that connection plays the most important role. Shibari can be the best type of therapy that your body will experience.

One of her most recognized workshops is the “Initiation to Shibari”, where the basic fundamentals of shibari are explained and teaches through practice. In the workshops you will have all the theories information about Shibari, you will learn about Consent, Security, Limits, Anatomy, communication through ropes, basic knots, single column tie, double column tie, and all information you need to begin enjoying the world of Shibari.

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