Fred RX

Fred RX is a professional rigger, photographer, climber, explorer, doctor, and ordained reverend.
He began tying several years ago after a long time practising the BDSM lifestyle. Fred began with a mixture of American and Eastern rope which he learned from a variety of teachers and schools. His passion for rope expanded beyond what he could learn locally. Consequently, he began to travel and seek out teachers and workshops around the country and abroad. Fred’s preference is to learn a range of styles and techniques from several skilled riggers.

Fred’s interest in the kink world began when he realized that his way of living was always pushing the limits and experiencing pain, which made him a stronger person. Gradually, he began accepting and enjoying pain. While he grew older, he noticed that only few people could push his limits the way he wanted. Additionally, he was tired of playing that game alone. That’s why he started experimenting with sadism and dominance. Over the years he became more interested in expanding his knowledge and meeting people who enjoyed the pain and suffering as he did and then founded Shibari, which provided him with the excitement of dominance, restraint, suffering, as well as the aesthetic beauty of ropes.

Fred’s passion for photography also played an important role in his path through BDSM and Shibari, where he found that photography could capture emotions, thoughts and memories and began to share his interpretation of  Shibari and BDSM practices. Fred’s main purpose is to combine the various styles, methods, and ties of different teachers into a style that is unique, where his focus is to combine the methodological ties of traditional Shibari with the intuitive and reactive chaos of his nature.
Fred offers private lessons, intensive courses, photoshoots, performances and video work.

Image: Fred RX

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