Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinoko is a contemporary artist, shibari master, rope artist, and photographer who was born in the Aichi Prefecture, in Japan, in 1977. People know him worldwide for his different shibari expressions. In them, he uses various types of rope, such as the traditional piece-dye in the Japanese Style Kinbaku, red rope in Art Rope, and glow-in-the-dark one in Cyber Rope. As you can appreciate, he is a rope specialist representing Japan in a unique way.

Hajime Kinoko: the Erotics in Shibari

Hajime Kinoko not only considers shibari to be erotic, but he also gives it a great interpretation and promotion of art. Like previously mentioned, he has unique techniques. For example, he incorporates nature, such as trees and rocks. In other projects, he presents an innovative use of space. Both achievements haves won him a praise and appreciation of the world.

Along with this, Kinoko performs live rope shows, releasing artwork, and photographs and videos. In them, he is in charge of tying, photograph, and direction. He describes shibari as a connection. When he ties someone, he most cherishes this connection with the model. Besides, he feels as if he was tying himself with the model, which implies a strong feeling and recognition of the model. After this bonding, the result is that he ties the model according to her desires.

Shibari is Connection

Kinoko pursues shibari where the ropes are lines connecting people: just like the ones created by nature. In his view, his practice depicts a scene where only the model and the rigger exist. As a result, he projects a beautiful and wonderful feeling between the rigger and the rope bottom. He expresses all these feelings in his various artworks, where connection is the main theme.

He exemplifies this interest with his own life. Hajime Kinoko took up a rope for the first time in 2001 because of his girlfriend’s interest. In 2003, he began teaching himself rope with the advice from Yumeko. Then he learned the meaning of tying people and started polishing his skills in a workshop with the rope Master Akechi Deneki.

Hajime Kinoko: Conclusion

Kinoko is a shibari artis people recognize in an international scale for his impressive art. Moreover, he enjoys a wide collection of amazing collaborations in expositions, music videos, fashion, photo visual, magazines, TV, show performances, the decoration of various elements with ropes, and workshops.

Image: Camille Kail

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