Lee David

Lee David

Lee David is a professional rigger, bondage artist and photographer who was born in Chicago on August 15th, 1962. He spent the first 20 years of his life in the suburbs of Chicago, where he showed creativity and personality. However, he has focused more recently in the technical area, where he completed an engineering degree in Milwaukee.

Lee has always had a passion for art, even though later on he became more technical. Then, he met his dorm partner, who was in the art school. Spending time with him provided a new perspective. In 1986, Lee David moved to the Bay Area and that experience improved his thought and style, especially in photography. Lee has always shown interest in dramatic images. He has partnered with Nan Golden for her dramatic lighting and Patrick Nagel for the glamour high style looks he could ahieve. Later, he met Bondage artists like Robert Bishop and John Willie, who made an impression on him and changed his path into Rope Bondage.

Lee David started in Rope Bondage, learning, practising and taking photos, and after years and months of practice, he became an experienced rigger and recognized photographer in the Art of Rope Bondage. Lee David became a rope bondage lover and enjoys exploring that side of the art. He has worked with met local models and international riggers. Likewise, he has participated in several events, such as the art of contemporary Shibari, where his work was very succesful. Although Leed David enjoys Shibari and has a special connection with this type of art, his work also includes includes pin-up, fetish and other BDSM practices and genres.

Image: Lee David

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