Marceline VQ

Marceline VQ

Marceline VQ is an international shibari artist, model, rigger, rope bottom, photographer, self suspender, and performer. Her work challenges viewers with her aesthetic and technically complex rope work. She engages rope from all perspectives, as a model, and with other models.

For Marceline, being a model, rigger and bottom allows a deeper understanding of bondage. She keeps studying and trained in visual fine arts in order to share her art with rope communities around the world.

Marceline is based in New York City and works together with her co-creator and model Anya Demure. They both work to create rope imagery that is inventive. Their current project involves structural rope installation as a concrete exploration of the metamorphic connection of the art of rope.

Marceline is passionate about the sensory experience of being in rope, as well as the idea of becoming a human sculpture, which influences her unique artistic perspective. Her work involves themes from different and various disciplines including geometry and physics, analytic philosophy and universal empathy.

Marceline VQ has exposed her work in several places, one of her most famous works was an interactive rope installation at Corlears Hook Park in New York City, which celebrates the history of sexual liberation and feminist empowerment with an immersive and interactive rope installation. The work was designed by Marceline with the help of a team of trusted individuals, including Anya Demure. The construction process took approximately 6 hours and was on display for visitors to interact during the day.

Marceline VQ has products available for sale where she prints her Shibari photographs and works in products such as phone cases, canvas, stationery cards, framed art print, mini art print, of her most amazing and aesthetic images of the art of Shibari.

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