Anna Reivilä

Anna Reivilä is a Photographer with a Master degree in Fine Arts. Born in 1988, she lives and works in Finland. Anna’s art explores the symbolism of Japanese Bondage. Actually, she applies the tied and knotted rope technique to elements of nature. Therefore, her exposition “Bond” is a combination of photographic, sculptural and performative elements. In it, she uses Rope Bondage to bind rocks, trees and other elements of the landscape. Thus, she creates a series of images that are representative of transient objects.

Her photographic series “Bond” is an ode to the Japanese bondage technique. She shows in each piece her personal relationship with nature, her family heritage and its relationship to knotting. According to Japanese religious ceremonies, ropes and ties symbolize the connections among people and the divine as a mean to identify sacred space and time.

Anna Reivilä finds inspiration in thw work of Nobuyoshi Araki, with their mixture of raw violence and beauty. She also refers frequently to the Japanese bondage tradition, which is a delicate balance between balance and breaking.

For Anna Reivilä, the photographs of her interventions with the natural landscape are just as important s her land art itself. Her art is rooted in the tradition of blanc and white photography, where she created crisp images of her alterations so that her black and white ropes stand in stark contrast to the objects she precariously weaves and knots them around.

She usually searches for spaces where nature’s elements combine to create interesting natural tensions and continue the dialogue through her interpretations by extending, wrapping and pulling the forms, in which she uses the ropes as lines in a form of drawing. The lines of the rope create interaction making connections between elements, which makes a reinterpretation of the landscape.