Matthias Grimme

Matthias Grimme was born in Hamburg, Germany on June 24th 1953. He is an author, publisher, photographer and rope artist whose stage name is Tatsu Otoko. He is the author of many articles about BDSM, fetishism, and bondage. Likewise, he is a publisher of sadomasochistic literature and magazines.

Matthias Grimme is the author of Das SM-Handbuch(The SM Handbook) and Das Bondage Handbuch (The Bondage Handbook), well known German handbooks for BDSM practitioners. He is also a co-owner of the BDSM publishing house Charon-Verlag. Moreover, he has been co-publisher of the biggest German SM magazine Schlagzeilen.
Matthias is an internationally famous German riggers, who practices and teaches the Japanese style of bondage. He has also appeared in many German documentary television films.

Grimme works as a BDSM performer and as an SM and bondage teacher in Germany and around Europe and Japan. Since 2000, he has been producing photographs and films for his “Bondage Project”. He works with his bondage partner Nicole, who creates “rope art”. Matthias is the spokesperson of the BVSM.

Matthias has visited Tokyo several times since 2000. There, he has met several Japanese bondage riggers such as Eikichi Osada, Akechi Denki, Chiba Sensei, Randa Mai, Yukimura Haruki, Osada Steve, Hajime Kinokoo, Mira Kurumi, Yusuji Watanabe, and others. He also became the second-ever westerner to do public bondage shows in Japan. Thus, he presented his bondage style, the “Hamburg School of Bondage”. This style is a mixture of Japanese tradition and his own inspiration. Grimme is also the co-organizer of the first public SM parties in Germany, “Les Fleurs du Mal”, and co-organizer of the “Respekt!” parties in Hamburg.

Matthias became a well-known rigger internationally, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award for special merits in the bondage scene and for his lifework during BoundCon 2017

Image: Matthias Grimme

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