Can large bodies be suspended?

Can large bodies be suspended? Yes, they can. Actually, anyone can try suspension. However, for large people this might be potentially dangerous depending on the weight, the rigger skills and the health issues of the bottom of the bunny.

If you are a bug person and you want to try suspension, you need to find a well-skilled rigger. It is also important to find a rigger who has their limits settled, a rigger with no limits can be dangerous since there won’t be a NO and nothing would stop them, which may put the bunny at risk.  Ask the rigger some important questions. For example, do you know how to suspend larger-bodied people? Do you know what ties and harnesses you need for larger-bodied people? Have you suspended more than 100lb bondage models? How many larger-bodied people have you tried?  Although these questions might be too much, remember that it’s for your own security. The responsibility is for Both riggers and bottoms, they need to be sure if they are ready or if they are really qualified for doing specific things.

For suspending a larger-bodied person, you will require unique skills that involve suspension for larger-bodied people, not any rigger can or should suspend a bottom of any body shape. Although the skills are relatively simple, some are very specific and specialized. There are also many safety concerns that extend to the rigger like if the larger-bodied person needs to get down now, will the rigger will be able to support their weight while getting them down quickly and without injuring themselves? For more security, you might require a “spotter” and an appropriate pulley system.

Another important aspect is the health of the bottom. There are risks whixh increase when some specific health issues are present.

Suspension can be amazing, sexy and fun, but also is one of the riskier things you can do. Suspension is an edge play and is not for everyone, for both tops or bottoms. It is important to really think if you are playing on the safe side or if you are risking your life.

We have answered the question: can large bodies be suspended?

Image: Shibari 4 Beginners / Dj Feet

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