Feeling nervous about tying someone

“I’m feeling nervous about tying someone”. This is a common objection in Shibari. Read the article to find out how to overcome this fear. Tying someone might make you feel nervous because it’s your first time doing it for real. Or, perhaps, you are afraid that something might go wrong.

Tying is about the sensory experience of it. So, if you want to relieve your anxiety, you should focus on the experience. If you are top nervous about your partner watching, use a blindfold. This will help them focus on the sensations that you give them and will definitely enjoy the experience. The blindfold will help you relieve your anxiety since they won’t see your face, and you will be free to have the thinking face on, as well the uncertainty of the first rope bondage session.

Tying for the first time might give you anxiety, but remember that there is always a first time. Talk to your partner, don’t try to impress them, remember bondage is about confidence and trust, so if you start with the right foot sharing your anxiety with your partner, it could really build a great connection between the two of you and work together in the scene.

Regarding the risks of tying someone, it is always very important to have basic knowledge about bondage and safety so everything works well. Focus on the experience and the feeling and bond that you will be creating with your partner, aesthetics in rope come later, first focus on safety and in the feeling and sensations of the scene. 

Remember bondage doesn’t mean suspension, so I would really recommend avoiding doing suspension for the first time. Start with bondage on the floor or in bed.

Now you know how to overcome your fears if you’re feeling nervous about tying someone.

Image: Boudoir by Eve

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