Normalize Sexual Desire

Normalize Sexual Desire

Sexuality is something beautiful and empowering for humanity. It makes you feel good both physically and emotionally, and it is also a way to express your love for someone else or for yourself. Sexuality connects you with other people and will help you to spend a fun night with someone new. For a long time it was considered taboo, but nowadays we have to work to normalize sexual desire.

There’s no shame in sex

Being sexually active shouldn’t be something you should feel ashamed of. It is neither dirty nor wrong. On the contrary, sexual desire is perfectly normal and it should be seen that way—as well as the practices that surround sexuality that let people enjoy and express their desires and fantasies through a kinky lifestyle.

Let’s talk about sex, baby

A lot of people are pretty open about their sexual experiences, which is beneficial not only to them but to others. Being open about your sexual life allows for self-growth. Understanding other people’s sexuality, can make you feel less lonely. Hiding your desires can be harmful to your own health—it can make you depressed and build negative boundaries regarding sexuality with yourself and your partners. Remember that every single people on Earth are created by sexual intercourse. It is natural. Without it, no one would be here. So, it is about time we normalize sexual desire.

Reap the benefits!

Sex will open your mind, make you feel good…and liberate you. Introducing other practices—apart from vanilla sex—to your sex life is even more liberating, satisfying and wonderful. It can lead you to a world of new experiences and feelings that you could have never imagined. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Sexual fantasies are great and should be tried if you have the urge. Try BDSM practices, play role, rope bondage, shibari—whatever fits your wants and desires. You and your partner will definitely appreciate it.

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