Top 10 Sexual Kinks During COVID-19

Top 10 Sexual Kinks During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s life was moved online—which was one of the most radical changes that lockdown brought to the world. Affecting the way we learn, work, satisfy primal urges, communicate, and even socialize with the people we love: everything went virtual in these past years. People’s sexual practices changed drastically, too. Here, we reveal the top 10 sexual kinks during COVID-19 that saw a rise in popularity.

Covid, Sex, and the Internet

Because of covid, even sexual kinks moved online. Many people turned to cybersex. Dating apps for online relationships were turning in their best numbers in years. Even kinky communities had virtual gatherings, which brought in a lot of new enthusiasts and practitioners. BDSM and kinky platforms were growing up very fast thanks to the time and new hobbies that people implemented in their lives.

The numbers are in…

The Kink dating app made a survey of the top 10 sexual kinks that were most practiced during COVID-19. According to this app, 3495 users voted for the most practiced one—out of 18 common kink plays. The results reveal that virtual sex was the first on the list, with almost one-fourth of respondents voting for it, getting a 20% of the total. Dom/Sub was the second kink with 15% of the votes, followed by orgasm control with 10% of the votes. Bondage appeared in 4th place, and Anal Play took the 5th place. Age Play in the 6th place, and Foot Fetish in 7th place. Rope Play was 8th, Voyeurism 9th. And in the 10th place, Sadism and Masochism.

If anything, COVID-19 taught us that although not everything in these practices can go virtual, modern technology did help during a moment of crisis, making us figure out how to be sexually satisfied during lockdown.

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