What to do when there is nerve damage?

Nerve Damage can be a result of sexual practices such as Shibari. Nerve damage mostly occurs in the arms, feet, hands, ankles or wrists. The main causes of nerve damage range from an accident or a fall, to excessive stretching, compression, or cut nerves. In Shibari, nerve damage is very common. Sometimes, it is actually impossible to prevent the injury. That’s why it is important to understand nerve injury. This will help you react when it occurs.

If you or your partner gets injured, it is important to avoid stretching out the affected area. Another important thing to do is to avoid compression of the affected area, since, compression is also one of the factors that can cause the injury. Avoid pressing or sleeping over the injured area.

Do not apply ice to an injury, not even for aftercare routine, because if you have an injury the ice will break the hotness of your body and might expand the injury due to the change of temperature. If you choose to use ice, remember to not put it directly towards the skin in order to avoid the temperature break. Another thing to consider if you have an injury is that not always the part of the body that hurts indicates the location of the injury. If your wrist hurts, the injury might come from the upper arm. So be careful and very attentive to the size and origin of the injury.

All these first aid tips for injuries are immediately after the injury happen, but remember it is very important to go to the doctor for a check-up, in order to heal the injury properly.

Image: Prevention.

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