Darque Path Shop

Darque Path Shop

Darque Path Shop offers an Australian brand of handmade, unique and different Sexual and erotic products which are also safe for everybody. In Dare Path, you find toys and tools for any BDSM practice, including Shibari.

The founders are Manda and Troy, who are partners in crime, in life, and in business. Manda is a qualified sexologist and kink educator, Troy’s passion is Shibari and Wax play. Together, with their own research, physiological-sexual knowledge and teaching from BDSM and Kink elders they began Darque Path.

Darque Path was born from the need of finding products that met Manda and Troy’s needs. Since they couldn’t find any products that fit their needs, they decided that wanted to create products that were as natural as possible, and that you could enjoy them without the additional safety concerns about the products you are using. After months of research, they’ve come up with a line of products whose main ingredient is 100% platinum grade silicone. The color comes from liquid silicone pigments and Mica that are safe for human use.  The body candles are made with soy and paraffin wax.

In Darque Path Shop you will find body candles, custom dildos, Shibari rope, and clothing. The Shibari rope you will find is Natural Hemp Rope, elaborated by Manda and Troy. Each rope is soft against the skin, while still sturdy and strong. Manda and Troy dye each rope manually, so you might find some imperfections in colour. You will find different colours of Shibari Rope like Purple, Blue, Jess Rope, Natural rope, Dark Pink/Burgundy Rope, Red Rope, and of course Safety shears.

The shop offers international deliveries up to 1kg and prices vary depending on the country. All packages are a black recyclable mailing box, so they are private and ecofriendly.

Image: Darque Path

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