DeGiotto Rope

DeGiotto Rope began at a garage back in 2009. Its founder is Giotto Shelton. He received an invitation to make ropes from his friend Jamie. Jamie had a couple of tools and some hemp and flax to start making ropes. This event sparked Giotto’s interest in making ropes and set him on the adventure in rope making. It all began in his garage, where Giotto designed his own hand-cracked machine and started his path to quality rope fabrication for rope bondage. As the years went by, Giotto’s rope obsession made him create one of the best ropes available. It is not only for rope bondage, but for the general world of rope as well.

Giotto sells his Japanese-inspired selection of ropes online via There, he offers a vast collection of high-quality ropes made for traditional bondage, floor shibari and suspensions. His ropes are made from natural materials and comply with safety standards in use for beginners and advanced practitioners. His ropes use jute, bamboo silk and hemp, the best materials for bondage. This is due to their smoothness and strength. de Giotto ropes come in different colours and spools which enhance your shibari experience and sensations.

Giotto also sells hardware and rope care products that accommodate beginners and pro bondage practitioners. In this section of his store, you will be able to find ropes, kits and accessories to accompany and maximize your physical and emotional pleasure. Giotto’s passion for bondage ropes keeps DeGiotto Rope growing and doing better, as well as improving his art consistently. He is very proud of what he has accomplished and is still yearning for more. In his webpage, you will also find information regarding the care and maintenance of the ropes and a section dedicated to private in-person lessons or online lessons.

Image: deGiotto

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