Dorian Rope

Dorian Rope

Dorian Rope is a Michigan based rope company that specializes in hand made jute and hemp products for Risk Aware Consensual Kink (R.A.C.K.) play for adults. Dorian rope’s founder is rope enthusiast Dorian, who shows his love and affection through sadism and edge play. Dorias is a sadomasochistic switch who really enjoys rigging, pressure points, whips and other types of erotic play. For Dorian, safety is extremely important, so he emphasizes safety ropes for any type of Rope Bondage sessions.

Dorian Rope has the mission to provide the finest in bondage rope, toys and accessories, in which they strive to use the highest quality materials to create safe and enjoyable products for riggers, bottoms and rope lovers all around the world.

In Dorian Rope, Jute Rope is available. The Single-Ply is handmade and comes with a smooth and vibrant appearance. The yarn used for each rope is 100% CRX toss jute. You will find single bundles and kits in Royal Purple, Blood Red, or Jet Black, where you choose the one of your preference. Every single rope is quite pliable and compresses knots well.

You will also find the Spectra Reinforced Rope, which is a rope that uses 3 strands of 100lb spectra per individual strand of rope. The Spectra Reinforced Rope has in more fibres. The excess of hairs will self polish like a normal rope. Ypu should never heat this rope, or it will break.

Hemp Rope has a beautiful silver hue in nature. There are also colored versions. This rope is made from 3 strands into a softer lay. It holds knots quite well and is soft to the touch. In Dorina Rope you will also find for sale some accessories such as Emt Shears.

Image: Dorian Rope

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