Rope Topia

Rope Topia is a site about shibari and Kinbaku. In Rope Topia you won’t find the bondage people talk about lately. Actually, it is about the traditional Japanese bondage, Shibari or Kinbaku. Rope Topia was founded by a rope lover. His aims is to share his knowledge and passion with rope practitioners and lovers.

In Japanese, Shibari means to tie, In the world outside of Japan, it describes the art of Japanese style rope bondage. In Rope Topia you can find the perfect site about this art. Here, you will find a kind of Shibari practiced with love and care. Likewise, you will see a beautiful Kinbaku practice that is an expression of passion and love.

In Rope Topia, you will find the Shibari or Kinbaku that is beautiful, heartbreaking and emotional. This is what they call “beautiful suffering”. Also, you will learn that Shibari takes sensations to the limit and emotions to their utmost. Moreover, you will feel alive as you share the experience with your partner.
here, you will find everything you need to know about Shibari, where you will find tutorials, workshops, private session, group meetings, events, as well as galleries, and the Shibari blog.

Dave Rickman is the founder of Rope Topia. He has taught Shibari all around the world and had the privilege to learn and practice with some of the best Shibari masters. Dave believes in good education combined with having a good and satisfying time with rope. He imparts classes for individuals and groups. Classes are available for both tops and bottoms and they include all the safety essentials, introduction to rope, tying techniques, rope control and movement, tension, floor work, partnership and working together techniques, aesthetics, torture rope, partial suspension, suspension and more.

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