Bodies Under Pressure

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Alexander Ma and Natasha NawaTaNeko, a couple of passionate bondage performers from Berlin, will be teaching a weekend workshop. This is their third time in Madrid. This time, they bring their successful Bodies Under Pressure session.

This intensive workshop will take a distinct approach focused on “Semenawa” (the way we tie). It will explore both its guiding principles and the practical tools it offers. Alexander and Natasha will present increasingly advanced approaches, with the ultimate goal of reaching partial and complete suspension. The idea is to show how participants can structure figures through a slow, almost static tying procedure. The difficulty rises as the top adds more ropes and more complex knots come into play. However, the aesthetic value of the final stage of the scene is well worth the effort.

The objective is to win over the tied partner’s loyalty and display their bodies in all of their splendor. Without trespassing their limits or their sense of self, rope bottoms acquire the physical abilities to tolerate and integrate the impact of the tying. The end result of Bodies Under Pressure is an emotional transformation, which particpants achieve through ropes.

The workshop’s instructors find their inspiration in the Semenawa tradition of Japanese bondage. Alexander has been practicing martial arts for more than 15 years, while Natasha has been studying somatics and bodywork extensively. This added knowledge brings a unique approach to bondage to their sessions.

Couples (of any age and gender constellation) that have intermediate to advanced expertise in Japanese-inspired bondage and desire to engage Semenawa more deeply should attend this session. Through a variety of activities, they will perform several practices, and develop confidence in both their own skills and their ability to communicate positively and effectively.

The instructor will also devote time to a better understanding of important non-technical aspects, such as timing, communication, and the elements for a successful experience of intimacy.

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