LA Rope

LA Rope is a Shibari Dojo in Los Angeles, founded in 2011. LA Rope Dojo’s purpose is providing safe and traditional training in the Japanese art of Kinbaku. Its head instructor, Zetus, trained in Tokyo by the late Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki, is a certified instructor. Haru Yutaka, offers personal instruction in the art of Yukimura’s caressing style.

LA Rope teaches the Yukimura’s style of rope. This style has a focus on communication between partners and the development of a deep sense of intimacy. The goal is to show the depth and beauty of even the most basic techniques. Likewise, it tries to provide the building blocks for more advanced study.
LA Rope offers more than just techniques. Additionally, they teach a broader philosophy of rope that teaches you to tie, respond to, and communicate with your partner. Moreover, LA Rope teaches the majority of classes in a particular style. This style takes its inspiration from the school and philosophy of the late Grand Master Yukimura Haruki. Their focus on three primary things: Rope as communication, Shibari as Erotic Play and Safety and Trust.

Rope as Communication, in which the primary goal is to see Shibari as a mean to communicate feeling, emotion, and intention. At the same time, they pay attention to tying and control of the rope. Shibari as Erotic Play, in which they focus on the artistic dimension of tying, and the psychological or physical effects. The style of rope is essentially erotic and grounded in a desire for partners to learn and express their desires and fantasies.

Safety and Trust focused almost exclusively on the pleasure of the person being tied and the ways in which the person tying can explore, control and play with those elements, always done with consent and emotional and psychological safety.

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