What is TheSpace2?

TheSpace2 is Vancouver’s first dedicated rope studio for new practitioners to find their own approach to rope bondage in a positive and welcoming environment. It was founded by Barkas and Addie; Barkas runs the Kinbaku Dojo while Addie imparts the beginner, suspension, and self-suspension workshops.

The philosophy of TheSpace2

Besides its founders, TheSpace2 has a team of volunteers, which includes Daremo and ObscuraFetish. Having studied Shibari in Japan, Daremo is a co-instructor who focuses on floor work and photography. Also a co-instructor, the Japanese native ObscuraFetish is the honorary 6th kyu in Osada Ryu.

TheSpace2 is a center for the arts and the study of ropes, their variety, and dynamic contexts. A place to study and teach the various types of Kinbaku, Shibari or Rope Bondage.

Here, it is believed that, in Shibari, having technical rope skills is equally as important as having good communication skills. As such, in every Shibari session or workshop, participants are encouraged to get to know each other, and themselves, with the utmost respect and care.

TheSpace2 is a safe space for practitioners to share and learn from their positive rope experiences and to study and practice the Japanese rope art. Any kind of harassment, disrespectful treatment or non-consensual action will not be tolerated and will result in a dismissal from the premises.

What are the sessions like?

The training in modern Shibari techniques and philosophy imparted at TheSpace2 is weekly, ongoing, and progressive. Each session consists of three stages: a warmup to wake up the fingers and to get to know the day’s mood, an in-depth discussion and practice of one topic, and free tying practice. The lessons and workshops include rope techniques, communication techniques, suspension, self-suspension, safety, and consent, and much more.

Image: TheSpace2

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