Who is Barkas?

Originally from Vienna, Barkas is a bondage educator, performance artist and writer who resides in Vancouver. He is the co-founder and caretaker of the Shibari studio TheSpace2, where he teaches and performs. He also imparts workshops, both locally and internationally. He has taken part in international events, such as Shibaricon, in Chicago; Moscow Knot; Kannawa Kai, in Tokyo; West Coast Bound, in Vancouver; FIRE, in Orlando; Bondage Expo Denver; Place des Cordes, in Paris; EURIX and more.

Barkas’ approach

Barkas applies philosophical, sociological, mathematical, and historical ideas to erotic rope bondage in order to develop a deeper understanding of it. He believes in patience when tying a person, without the need to finish a pattern or inflicting pain, like other artists. He doesn’t like to be photographed while tying or being tied either, as he prefers a more personal interaction with his partner.

He prioritizes individuality, attention, and interaction between the practitioners. In Barkas’ eyes, bondage is not about tying others—it’s about tying with others. In 2016, he collected his thoughts and ideas and published them in his book, Archaeology of Personalities. A Linguistic Approach to Erotic Rope Bondage.

Bottom is boss

Barkas also believes that rope bondage should focus on the person being tied. Tying is very dynamic, and it should answer to the choice, mood and needs of the bottom. Maybe they just want a nice pattern or to be held while they shed a few tears. Maybe they just want an emotional scene to dance to. Barkas is willing to provide the appropriate experience and mood.

Rope experience

For Barkas, it is very important to have a toolbox filled with all kinds of alternatives for any kind of scene, so it can be transformed into a life experience. Barkas’ wish is to provide practitioners a space to express themselves and help them reach their happy place, whatever that place may be.

Image: Barkas Kinbaku

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