Miss Eris – Clean Alternative Shibari

Miss Eris: Precocious, Enthusiastic, Introverted, and Extroverted

Miss Eris is an artist and educator dedicated to shibari of Brazilian origin based in Barcelona. She is, too, a tireless traveler. Shibari is an ancient technique of ties through ropes of Japanese origin. This practice has a special emphasis on aesthetics and anatomical mastery. Young Miss Eris shibari takes beauty as seriously as an ethic stance, developing this elaborate practice. She travels the world exchanging knowledge with both experts and people of all skill levels.

Miss Eris: Her Work

Miss Eris, fundamentally, works with ropes. However, her area of expertise reaches very far. In addition to being a professional rope tying master, she is also an educator, visual artist, and performer. Moreover, she sells her own materials. At just 25 years of age, his knowledge of shibari is long and deep as a rigger and a model. She is capable of hanging herself and others, no matter their size, which leaves her followers speechless. Also, she broadcasts her shows and events through live streaming on social networks.

Her Life Story

She worked as a babysitter and a waitress until she was 19. Afterwards, she became precocious, enthusiastic, intro and extroverted—all at the same time. Today, her peculiar, affable, and tenacious character facilitates the connection with models of all genres in her expert hands. She creates atmospheres full of trust, communication, and beauty. Her small size (1.60 cm) in no way prevents her from handling bodies of all volumes, which makes the experience even more intriguing and interesting. Whoever surrenders to her and her shibari strings exposes to a sensory experience of full delight, as sure as it is firm and delicate.

Miss Eris: Where her Greatness Comes From

Some of the most renowned shibari riggers and models in Japan and Europe tutored her back in 2012. Miss Eris had additional training in yoga and body mechanics from circus culture. Addionally, she has learned side by side with such interesting shibari artists as Kazami Ranki, Kinoko Hajimi, Naka Akira, Otanawa, and Pedro Cordas. But the most important thing is that she has delved into what she has studied and infused his technique with a constantly evolving personal character.

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