Who Is into Cosplay?

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In the “Free the Kink” Facebook group, Mac Mclaughlin launched the question: Who is into cosplay? The answers were varied, but they say a lot about a phenomenon which is quickly becoming part of kink.

Of course, there was the typical “it’s not really my thing” answer, which tells us that some people still find cosplaying too childish (in the wrong sense), or too silly to be part of their kinkiness. There was also a comment about “Adam and Eve” costumes, which forces us to acknowledge what we’ve always known: there isn’t anything more beautiful than nudity.

However, other comments and questions show a strong enthusiasm for cosplaying. And this is because cosplaying provides a narrative, which is a very strong element to introduce in a relationship. In cosplay, characters and scenes become stories, which makes them more powerful than they usually are.

And there is also plenty of room for imagination in cosplaying. Some people commented that they thought cosplaying was strictly about characters from the media, movies, comics, and such. And, while this is the case with, for example, Playboy bunnies and Disney princesses (two of the costumes mentioned in the comments of the post), you can also do your own personalized cosplay, and create customs from scratch, which better respond to your particular interests and kinks.

In other posts, we have talked about how cosplay and Shibari are becoming more frequently combined than ever. Cosplay is very popular among younger generations. You only have to look at the hundreds of cosplayers in TikTok, Instagram, and other social media to convince yourself. As for bondage, any Shibari enthusiast knows that it is supported by a tradition that goes hundreds of years back, and that it gained momentum during the lockdown months of the pandemic.

So, next time somebody asks: Who is into cosplay? we hope that you raise your hand.

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