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How to control the Emotions in Shibari

Shibari is a bondage practice. Therefore, it is good to know how to control emotions in Shibari, since it can be stressing for some people. There are many people with great skills and talents. However, although technique is very important, it is not everything you need for a succesful Shibari scene. Emotions play an important…
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What you get from Shibari

What you get from Shibari, like everything in life, depends on the motive and intention behind your practice. There are a lot of misconceptions about Shibari. They say it is only about sex, violent, degrading, or even a form of torture! However, you will definitely find some benefits from Shibari. Practicing Shibari will give you…
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The Sensual Rope Workshop

The Sensual Rope Workshop is a workshop that takes place in The Sensual Arts Weekend Amsterdam. The weekend is a yearly four-day event that takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is an event that turns the Dutch capital into an internationally oriented hotspot for sensual art enthusiasts and professionals. The Sensual Arts Weekend Amsterdam hosts…
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