Submit to the Hereafter

Submit to the Hereafter

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“Submission” must be the most misunderstood word in the whole BDSM vocabulary. People think that submit and surrender are synonyms. But that’s not the case. At least, not from where I’m standing. For me, submission is the most authentic way of embracing your existence, with all its ups and downs. That’s why, when I heard the bad news, I decided that I would submit to the hereafter.

When people receive the kind of bad news I received, they typically react in different ways. Some of them deny it. Some of them panic. I mean, some of them even try to take matters into their own hands! Not me. I submit because I think that’s, ultimately, the best choice you have.

I’ve been kinky my whole life. I was never interested in being like everybody else. And of all the alternative practices, bondage has always been my favorite. I never said no to the ropes. And I like them because they are the ultimate symbol of submission. When you’re tied up, you accept whatever happens, whatever life brings at you. And that’s exactly how I’ve always wanted to live.

Son, now that I’m about to take my leave, I want to make it clear that I submit to the hereafter. After all, if you think about it, any other attitude is ridiculous. That’s why I ask to be tied up when I’m put inside my casket.

My sons got hysterical! They don’t understand the statement I want to make. They think it will look grotesque and improper. What do they know? The truth is, I spoiled them as much as I could because I was never able to see them as anything other than big toys who could talk.

I think every person has the right to leave on their own terms. I submit to the hereafter. And I want to go the way I want to go, and I don’t have a plan B.

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