Founded in 2012, Bomma is a company that brings the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to new and dynamic levels. Bomba is a group with top-level talented skills with sets today’s highest standards of glassmaking. Bomba emphasizes contemporary designs, outstanding glass quality and detail. This has brought the company many awards and worldwide recognition in a surprisingly short period of time.

Behind Bomma is Katerina Hanwlova, a graduate of the Atelier of glass at AAAD Prague (Academy of Arts Prague). She combines glass with different materials such as leather, ropes or porcelain to create objects that display her fascination with the world of Haute Couture. Thanks to her experience and her original artistic approach, she is one of the most gifted and talented Czech glass designers.

Bomma, as part of its catalogue, has custom made products. These can be modified to suit the client’s requirements. As usual, the team pays the closest attention to every detail from design, development, and prototyping.

Bomma with its contemporary ideals has its line of Shibari. Shibari is a Japanese style of bondage following certain technical and aesthetic principles. The purpose is to immobilize the bound subject, it does not necessarily imply immobilization, but the aspect of the aesthetic quality of the rope is very important. Shibari is not only the technique of tying objects with ropes but a method of communication.

Bomma inspiration from Shibari created a sophisticated collection wich places crystal centrepieces amidst the knots to draw attention and create variable compositions. Bomma’s daring design that combines Shibari, with lighting, created beautiful pieces of art that whether as a stand-alone piece or in grouping resembles a sculpture. Bomma Shibari has different options. Shibari pendant 1 position, Shibari pendant 3 position, Shibari pendant 5 position. Each pendant is exclusive and can be customized.

Image: Bomma