Andy Buru

Who is Andy Buru?

During his time in Japan, Andy Buru became fascinated by the presence, passion and Zen in every one of life’s moments—a fascination he loves to share.

Living in Stockholm, in Sweden, Andy Buru is a recognized teacher of European and Japanese rope bondage. He’s also a student of theatre, a medical massage therapist, a conscious kinkster and former organizational coach who has been in the BDSM world for 15 years, working mostly around Northern Europe.

During Andy Buru’s years as a BDSM practitioner, he has been a slave owner, a hedonist, a purist, a magician and a slut. His ultimate goal is to create a place where people can rest, heal and grow in magical rooms with the spirit and experience of springs of neuro-semantic tea building, medical massage therapy, European theatre and Japanese rope bondage.

How does Andy Bury Work?

Andy offers private sessions, workshops or event gatherings in which he guides you on your search for tranquility and peace; and to find yourself and meet others. These can be in groups and one-on-one. Most of his workshops are improvised around a previously agreed-on topic. He imparts his knowledge as he guides you around his routines of intimacy exercises, play scenarios, bondage narratives and inspirational philosophical ideas.

Some of his workshops are private BDSM mentorships for both dominants and submissives, which he bases around your own kinks. These include private lessons, study and practice partners. He also offers other workshops, such as Bound Bodywork, Medical Massage and REP Therapy.

Other Projects

You can also hire Andy to impart workshops, performances and consultation, all of which can be commercial or artistic, in nature. He has also been known to participate in passion projects, free of charge, especially if those are artistic projects, rather than commercial.

What is Andy’s Experience?

Andy Buru has participated and collaborated in worldwide events such as Theater Tofta, The Festival on the Art of Lust, Natural High Healing Festival, Stockholm Pride, Stockholm Tantra Festival, Rope Artists International and more.

Image: Andy Buru

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