Adding New Sensations

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Adding new sensations in Shibari requires previous consent and negotiation between partners in order to have a successful scene.

Consent and Negotiation is something very important in Shibari. Since Shibari has its dangers, you cannot rely on reading your partner’s mind and assume things. Communications is very important, it is a must to know your partner’s boundaries.
Before a scene, it is important to have agreed what is ok and what is not. Also, how the scene will be like and what will take place during the scene.

Shibari is about trust, and the negotiation and consent with your partner rely on trust too. Adding a new sensation in a scene without previous discussion can lead to an unpleasant and mistrustful relationship, and can be quite dangerous. If you are in the middle of a Shibari scene with your partner, where you have agreed on certain things, but in the middle of the scene, with all the excitement of the moment your natural reaction is to implement something new, something will definitely go wrong. With a previous negotiation of the scene, the bottom expects certain things to happen, in which both rigger and bottom will be mentally and physically prepared, if something unexpected happens, the bottom could overreact and nerve damage or serious injuries can occur with the reaction.

A Shibari scene requires mental and physical preparation. A Shibari scene follows a scene program, previously established by both parties. The consent and Negotiation are previous to the scene for security reasons. If the rigger does not have the consent of the bottom of the idea you have in mind didn’t even come to talk during the negotiation, the rigger won’t be able to apply that idea because it hasn’t been discussed or has no consent.

Surprises may be great, but during a Shibari scene, surprises can be a very very bad idea. It is always better to discuss and have the consent than doing something without discussion. It can save you both from a dangerous and stressful moment.

Now you know the best way for adding new sensations in a Shibari scene.

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