Basic Rope Suspension Kit

Suspension is the practice of tying a person in such a way as to support their weight with rope. It has become very popular in the past few years. Some people like suspension because it is aesthetic, sexy, and intense. It is ideal for photography or illustrations, or just to go to another level in your sexual interaction. Therefore, it is important to know which elements to include in a basic rope suspension kit.

In order to practice Rope Suspension, it is important to get a basic rope suspension kit. Building a rope kit for suspension can be daunting, and certainly a little expensive, but remember is an investment. If you are a rope bondage, Shibari or Kinbaku lover, it is a good decision to have your own kit. That way, you can improve security and practice whenever you want.

The basic rope suspension kit begins with 1 or 2 cutting tools, so you always have a method of quick release. Additionally, you will require six suspension-worth carabiners, a suspension ring or a rigging plate, rope for harnesses, it is recommended a minimum of 4 “full-lengths” (8-10 meters) and 4 “half lengths” (4-5 meters) of 6mm of thickness, you will also require a Rated rope for support lines, at least 2-30 foot support lines, which should provide a breaking straight of at least 10 times the suspended person’s weight in their final configuration, a rated nylon sling (2 or 4′ long) in order to hang your hard point if you are working with beam-based points such as swings frames or toss.

Other things that you can include in the suspension rope kit is comfortable clothing, something to drink, a blanket or robe, medical supplies that are relevant to you or your partner, band-aids, and light snacks.

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