Before your First Scene

Before your First Scene

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So, you’ve decided you want to try this fascinating Japanese rope bondage you’ve heard so much about. Now what? Well, once you have become acquainted with Shibari and gathered all the basic information about it, the next logical step is to do a bondage scene. So, what are the preparations you should do before your first scene? Here they are.

First of all, you need a partner. There is such a thing as self-tying. However, it’s not the kind of thing you should try on your first scene. So, for the moment, let’s stick to the typical two partner scene. Now, your partner can be either someone you share an intimate relationship with, another bondage enthusiast, or someone you hire for the occasion. Each of those options offers advantages and disadvantages. The point here is to do the scene with someone you feel comfortable with, whether it is because you share a strong bond, or because it is someone on whose experience and skills you can rely on.

Secondly, you and your partner should go through a thorough negotiation. Remember, all bondage, and for the case all BDSM, is based on consent. Therefore, you should discuss in advance every important aspect of the scene. Where are you going to do the scene? What kind of ropes will you use? How complex or simple will it be? These and a dozen more questions should be openly discussed by all participants involved.

A must in any Shibari scene is safety. Make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent an emergency. You should also have a plan about what to do in case something goes wrong. For your first time, you might want to be coached by a professional.

Partners, negotiation, and safety are key elements for the success of any bondage scene. Work them thoroughly and you’ll get the best possible bondage experience.

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