Twisted Monk

Twisted Monk

Twisted Monk is an online Rope Store which provides an easy and enjoyable experience for customers. Founded in 2004, when Monk began experimenting with rope bondage. Due to the positive response, he started making ropes for others, forming a business and processing hemp in his backyard. Monk became so famous that he had to move into his current home. In this workshop, Monk and his team of dedicated artisans cut and finish every order by hand.  

Twisted Monk has a variety of Rope Bondage Products. It is the first and most famous supplier of ropes in the Rope Bondage community.  Additionally, they guarantee safety. If you have to cut your Twisted Monk rope during an emergency, they will replace it. Every piece of rope passes through an strict standard of quality. If the monks wouldn’t use the rope in their own bedrooms, they won’t sell it.
You can find different products in Twisted Monk, all the products have to do with Rope Bondage or Shibari. The products they have are cotton rope, polyester rope, hemp rope, personalized colour rope, rope kits, exotic ropes, gifts and limited edition ropes and props, rope kits, steel items, rope bondage gear, safety shears, rope care pack, candles, and the MonkSak, which is a useful bag, especially for riggers.

Twisted Monk rope’s characteristics include quality. This means that they will not make products that are unsafe and do not meet the Twisted Monk standards. They also look for safety, where customer safety comes before company profit,  Business Ethics, where they work directly with the original artisans, Accessibility, where they make rope bondage accessible to all, and Pro-Environment, where they use EPA &EEA approved dyes, materials, and processes, and use raw materials and recycle waste.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the store and get everything you need for your scene.

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