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Perfect Red by Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinoko had his solo exhibition, Perfect Red, at the Gallery Le Deco in Shibuya from December 17th to 23rd, 2018. In it, he showed dozens of past masterpieces as well as his new un realeased work. Currently, Kinoko is Japan’s foremost contemporary practitioner of shibari. He is famous for his interpretation of shibari in…
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Black Heart’s Kinbaku Workshop

Black Heart’s Kinkabu workshop is a two level course for learning the discipline of shibari. If you have an interest in this practice, you should definitely have knowledge beforahand. Previous to delving into a description of the courses, let us make a review of what shibari or kinbaku does and its cultural significance in its…
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The Club Rosas Cinco

El club rosas cinco is the oldest and most famous BDSM association in Spain. It has more than 3,500 partners. This club was born with the aim of deepening the search and exchange of BDSM experiences, as well as towelcome all those who wish to participate and practice the exciting world of BDSM, in all…
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