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Welcome back! In the first part of this article, we interviewed Tom, a seasoned rigger, who explained to us the basics of being a top. Accordingly, now, we will interview Vanessa, who likes to play as a rope bunny. Why ropes? Bottom interview.

Vanessa started playing as a bunny when she was 17 years old. She has worked with several well-known masters. However, for the past two years, she has worked exclusively with Tom, who is now her partner. She is planning to pause her bondage activities by the second half of the year to focus on having a baby with Tom. So, this interview is a moment of balance and remembrance for her.

SN: “Why do you like getting tied?”

VANESSA: “This will sound like a contradiction, but restraint sets me free. Let me elaborate on that. For me, getting tied is my ticket into a fantasy world. Anything can happen. And this excitement is what makes me jump inside the ropes whenever I can.”

SN: “Is there a special skill you need to be a rope bottom?”

TOM: “From a very pragmatic point of view, I would say that you must be really patient. Bondage scenes are sexy and all that, but they can take hours! (Laughs). And I would add something more important: you have to be a very sensitive person to play bottom. In a scene, there is power and there are feelings; there is an overall meaning. And if you miss that, all you get is friction marks and sweat.”

SN: “What is the best part of being a bottom?”

TOM: “The relationship with the top. (Laughs again). I’m not saying this because I’m about to marry Tom. A bondage scene, even with a total stranger, is a human encounter. And it happens in such a way that all the social barriers and taboos that forbid true communication are overcome. In ropes, you show who you really are.”

SN: “Well, thank you so much, Vanessa. Our readers will enjoy this interview.”

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