LA Kink Pride

LA Kink Pride is an online virtual celebration for GLBTQ+ workshops, events, vendors, local food and bar deliveries. In which they prioritize GLBTQ+ presenters and business owners, but also include their allies.LA Kink Pride’s mission is to keep the party going with the best virtual connection among like-minded people. It is an event only available for 18+ people.

The LA Kink Pride began last year in the middle of the Covid Pandemic. It was a difficult time for all, but they figured it out with an online event. These events were accessible for people from all around the world. It was an event where some queers joined from places that don’t have pride events. So, for them, it was their FIRST pride.

LA Kink Pride wants to celebrate queer people, and offer them a good time. Tickets are exchanged for donations, in order to make it accesible. 100% of the ticket sales goes to the instructors of the event.

The LA Kink Pride this year will include Midori’s Practical Advice for new bottoms and submissive, Kinky Rituals & Magical Play with Sharon Pink, Basic Impact play with Marla Renee Stewart, “Call Me Daddy”, exploring the daddy dome with Wiley Wolfe, D/S Near, Far, Wherever you are! by Lou & MX ruby, the Pride Pet Party, where you will be able to grab your popcorn and enjoy a day of games, fun and truly wild animal play performances. You will enjoy scenes by pet planes of all stripes as well as the customary Show & Tell time, Pride-themed Scavenger Hunt and Jack box games.

Some other workshops like Feeling Powerful when feeling powerless, guilt, shame, nervousness and embarrassment when exploring your sexuality and the community with Queen Ana Algos, Dirty Talk skills, Pride virtual social time, Fundamentals and flow rope bondage for beginners, and much more.

Image: La Kink Pride

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