4 Tips for your First Scene

4 Tips for your First Scene

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Your first bondage scene might seem like a frightening task. Unquestionably, the ropes, the safety measures, the scissors, all that can make it look like a visit to the dentist. However, to make it less intimidating, in this article we offer you 4 tips for your first scene. We hope you find them useful.

First tip: keep it short. Certainly, bondage scenes can take hours in the making. Generally, that’s not something you want for your first try in the world of ropes. Instead of an exhausting, long scene, make sure you’re going to attempt something that you can do within an hour, aftercare included. This way, you’ll avoid feeling tired or bored, and never returning to the ropes.

Second tip: make it easy. Yes, everybody loves suspension scenes. They are spectacular, and you can take a dozen pictures and show off with your friends. However, doing a suspension in your first scene is like trying to cook a Wellington the first time you turn on the oven. Aim for something simple, fun, and sexy. It’s ok to do something with just one rope and a couple of knots. The point right now is to get familiarized with the ropes, and with the process of a scene, not making it to the top masters of bondage.

Third tip: make sure everything is supported by consent. Consent is not just one of the keywords in the world of kink, it is THE keyword in the world of kink. Bondage is not a race, so you don’t have to take all the steps all at once. Make sure that you get just as far as all participants involved want to get.

Fourth tip: double-check the safety measures. Safety is as important as consent. Don’t think that because it is a simple scene you can overlook security. It only takes a knot and a momentary lack of attention to cause a problem.

We hope you find useful these 4 tips for your first scene.

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