The Japanese Rope Kamasutra

The Japanese Rope Kamasutra, is a project for an illustrated book that features a total of 48 traditional sex positions.
Marc has lived in Japan since 2004 and has been studying and teaching rope for the past 15 years. In 2006, he encountered the underground world of the traditional Japanese bondage, more commonly known as Shibari or Kinbaku. Since then, he has studied with the most prolific Japanese rope artist, Hajime Kink and his Ichinawa rope group. Marc graduated in 2012 and became a rope instructor.

Rope bondage is art, play, torture, and sex, all at the same time. Marc’s interest in rope originated from its potential in the bedroom. Marc bought a pipe bed specifically built for rope and began putting everything he had learned into practice.

While he was sharing his discoveries while talking with some friends, they encouraged him to write a book about it. So the idea of creating the first Japanese Rope Kamasutra book began, as he wanted to share with the world how to enhance sexual play and stimulation using a rope.

The Japanese version of the Kamasutra is Shijuhatte, and it features a total of 48 traditional sex positions.  Marc named the book  “Inbaku Shijuhatte”, which is a play of words that transforms the more serious word of rope, kinbaku, into inbaku, (indecent rope). So, in English, it is “The Indecent Rope Kamasutra”.

Marc had the positions and name settled, so he began working on the contents of the book, he wanted something artistic, not pornographic, so he got in touch with a talented illustrator to help him with the book. The book consists of beautifully full coloured drawn illustrations alongside a text to explain the benefits and techniques of each position in Japanese calligraphy, as well as an English and Japanese description of each pose.

Image: The Japanese Rope Kamasutra

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