Intro to Impact Play

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Floggers, paddles, and canes, oh my! Plus your own bare hands!? These are just some of the implements you may possibly use for impact play. Now, for those unfamiliar with the term, impact play is a bdsm practice. Basically, it consists of one person, the top, who strikes repeatedly the bottom. Specifically, they do this for the sexual or nonsexual gratification of either or both parties. In this workshop we will teach you proper forms of impact play, the types of toys you can use and how to use them. As well as negotiations, scene etiquette, technique and much more! If any of these rings the bell, Intro to Impact Play is th perfectworkshop for you.

Join us for an evening of consensual pleasure and pain. If you’ve ever felt curiousity as to why and how people love this kind of practice, then this is the workshop for you! No experience is needed. This class is open and accessible to all levels.

Facilitated by your local and highly experienced switchy kinkster @Mary8Jane_. Mary8Jane identifies herself as a bisexual Lebanese woman from California, a submissive leaning switch, rope bunny, kitten and little. She’s the perfect instructor for the Intro to Impact Play workshop. Surely, you’ll agree with us afterwards.

Wear clothing that allows you to feel comfortable, empowered or expressive. This is not a play party. Therefore, we prefer all guests to come in clothing that is comfortable and/or expressive in ways that feel good to them but required to keep under garments on and pelvic area covered. Likewise, separate top and bottom that allows you to expose legs, arms, and belly may feel good for the interactive portions of this workshop but is optional.

This event will take place at The Rope Collective Studio in Barrio Logan, San Diego.


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