Making Its Way in Mexico

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Just as it has happened and is currently happening in other countries, Shibari is making its way in Mexico. As is the case in countries with more traditional values, it has been a slow process. For the most part, Shibari is still a curiosity, a spicy underground practice. However, each day it gains new terrain. Or so say the people we interviewed.

“In Mexico, there’s a great opportunity for outdoor Shibari experiences,” says a man who has been doing workshops in Oaxaca, one of the states in southern Mexico. It is a place of breathtaking landscapes, which include waterfalls and jungles. Moreover, it is one of the favorite destinations for local tourism. This unique outdoor angle might prove the key to developing a Shibari fan base in this part of Mexico.

“I think the challenge is to make Shibari accessible. As of today, it is still an expensive hobby, and not many people can afford to buy the equipment and rent a studio.” These are the words of a couple who opened a bondage studio in Polanco, a neighborhood in the middle of Mexico City, known for its high economic status and its cosmopolitism. This is the perfect ground to train “Shibari pioneers,” who will later make the practice part of their regular lives. “You wouldn’t believe how many young couples come to our workshops. They are more open-minded than their parents. So, they don’t feel uncomfortable with alternative, risky practices”, they add.

“Shibari makes people feel part of a new lifestyle. They’ve seen bondage on the other side of the border, and they want to do it themselves. We help them fulfill that fantasy. And they keep coming back.” These words were told to us by a woman who owns a Shibari studio in Juárez, a town on the US-Mexico border, whose inhabitants come and go from the US on a regular basis.

Will these pioneers succeed in establishing Shibari in Mexico? We certainly hope so.

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