The Experience of Hojojutsu

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Last week, there was a restraint exhibition, which we attended. It included a Hojojutsu demonstration. As any bondage enthusiast knows, Hojojutsu was a form of military restraint and torture from which Shibari eventually derived. Therefore, it was interesting to go back to the basics and have the experience of Hojujutsu, or, as one of the instructors said, “of Shibari in its original form.”.

Kelly was one of the women who volunteered to be part of the event. Afterwards, she said that “Hojojutsu is definitely a more intense experience. The knots are stronger, and you really can’t move. Besides… I don’t know… This might sound weird, but the emotional connection with the rigger is totally different. Usually, in Shibari, you feel that they care for you. And in Hojojutsu, it’s different. You really have the sensation of being submitted in a sort of uncomfortable way. It might be interesting for couples with an intense power dynamic, but I like things with a little bit more tenderness and care.”.

Dugan, another volunteer, also shared his impressions. “As a man, I don’t have a problem with being tied. My girlfriend and I play both roles, and we enjoy it. However, somehow, I know that I’m still stronger, you know? Like, I can get out of this if I want. There’s nothing of that here. The experience of Hojojutsu is all about being helpless and defeated. That might sound undesirable to many people. But, believe it or not, I sort of enjoyed it. It was something that I’d never felt before. And I like to try it again, until I grasp what it really is about.”.

As you can see, the experience of Hojojutsu might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for those looking for an intense experience, it might be exactly what they want.

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