Chimuo Nureki

Chimuo Nureki

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In the heart of Asakusa, Tokyo, a luminary was born in 1930 – Chimuo Nureki. However, his indelible mark on the world of Shibari transcends time, etching him as a revered Bondage Master, an acclaimed Shibari artist, and a prolific writer delving into the realms of SadoMasochism. Although he departed on September 9th, 2013, his legacy endures as an unshakable testament to his artistry.

1. The Journey of a Luminary

Chimuo Nureki’s journey meandered through the intricate tapestry of Kinbaku, a journey marked by its longevity and diversity. Notwithstanding, at the remarkable age of 80, he adorned his path with the experience of binding approximately 4500 women. His mastery ripened over five decades, resulting in a worldwide following that celebrated his unparalleled skill. Consequently, a designation such as “The greatest living kinbaku master” adorned him, a distinction earned through unwavering dedication and devotion. Notably, he held a rare connection with Seiu Ito, a pioneer in Japanese Kinbaku, further solidifying his legacy.

2. A Multifaceted Presence

Nureki didn’t merely inhabit the world of Shibari; he etched his presence across its very core. That is, his journey intertwined roles as an artist rigger, a magazine editor, and a prolific writer. For example, he penned articles, scripted television and movies, and even immersed himself in the realm of videos and Sadomasochism films. The annals of Japanese Sadomasochistic publications, including Kitan Club and Uramado, bore his creations. Collaborations with master photographer Sugiura Norio unveiled a distinctive aesthetic that has achieved an iconic status.

3. Chronicles of Wisdom: Literary Legacy

Chimuo Nureki’s literary contributions resonated profoundly. His books, bearing titles like “The History of Japanese Bondage Photography” (1996), “The Pleasure of Kinbaku” (1999), and “The Artists of Kitan Club” (2004), serve as enduring testaments to his wisdom. Furthermore, his journey interwove with the documentary “Bakushi” (2007), where he emerged as a featured rope artist, lending his insights to an intrigued audience.

4. A Living Legend Remembered

As an unwavering authority, Chimuo Nureki is entrenched in the annals of Japanese Sadomasochism, a luminary who shaped its trajectory. He stands tall as a revered figure within the realm of Kinbaku, eternally etched in the pantheon of its greats. His legacy encapsulates the fusion of artistry and exploration, an emblem of dedication and excellence. The echo of his impact continues to reverberate through time, cementing his place as “The Greatest Living Kinbaku Master.”

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