Jade Rope

Jade Rope, founded in Australia, offers access to a wide range of rope for bondage enthusiasts. It is an online store that offers a diverse range of ropes, including hemp, jute, cotton and other natural fibre ropes, as well as many man-made and synthetic ropes. This online store wants to offer rope bondage practitioners exactly the type of rope they wish at great prices.

The name of Jade Rope points to both the Japanese form of bondage, Shibari, and to the stone’s broad association with Asia as a small homage.

Jade Rope sells different types of rope, starting from Natural fibre rope which are hemp, jute, and cotton, and Synthetic Rope, Nylon, Polypropylene, and  Polyester, as well as coloured ropes,  introductory kits, natural fibre rope kits, signature sets, designer sets, classic bundles, large kits, accessories, oil and wax, Japanese cloth, furoshiki, tengui, safety gear, suspension gear, books, DVD’s, and much more.

Jade Rope offers the finest quality of natural Hemp, Jute and other popular options, which goal is to be the number one source and first preference when ordering rope for bondage or restraint.  Delivery in Australia is free for orders above $90. International delivery is free up to 2 kg. For heavier packages, the fee is calculated at the checkout. Remember to add 7 extra days for international delivery. If you can’t select your country, try visiting the Jade store which is closer to your country: Europe, United Kingdom, or United States.

Jade Rope, also offers different professional services if you reside in Australia, such as photographers, models, riggers and Nawashi and Rope Tuition.

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